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Family-run wine cellar situated at the heart of the Arlanza region. We have been dedicated to wine from the 60s, when grandfather Agapito started as a grape and wine buyer. Agapito started to nurse the dream of building a wine cooperative with other viticultors in the region. There was top quality fruit. It was not possible, so he founded a wine cellar. It was hard work, but it was worth it. Some years later, his second son, Jose Luis, look over the business. We have changed the initial concept of producing large quantities to one of controlling every step of the process: From harvesting to marketing our high quality wines. Clear, bright and elegant wines.

Bodegas Sierra
Ctra. Madrid-Irún Km.203,7
09390 Villalmanzo-Burgos (Spain)

Telf. +34 947 170 083